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+ so, it's been fun but tumblr is ultimately the worst thing that has happened for my productivity and my life, in general. will still be lurking around. to those of you who know how to contact me, i still welcome email. :) have a nice life.

+ to anyone who happened to stumble on this blog because of leverage, fucking WATCH IT. if you have come in search of some gifset to reblog, have fun trawling through my archive around 2012.

+ for GIMME YOUR URL YOU'RE DEAD ANYWAY / HI, HOW'S LIFE - type asks: here

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    $ whoami

    Hi, my name is China and I really don't know what to put here. This used to be a Leverage blog, and now it's just a random collection of anime, science, math, and Western TV.

    $ pangalacticgar-what..?

    Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Read it and be a real hoopy frood.


    $ tv

    $ movies

    $ STEM

    $ others

    $ mine


    $ wall


    $ sudo apt-get moo

      / |    ||
     *  /\---/\
        ~~   ~~
    ...."Have you mooed today?"...

    $ what is all this whoami/ls shit anyway?

    *nix (aka Linux/Unix-like/OSX) terminal commands. :p